As a parent of a child with a neurodevelopmental diagnosis (ADD, ADHD, ASD, CP, ODD, PDD-NOS, etc.) you want answers for what has happened to your child. Poor behavior, little to no communication, difficulty learning, there just seems to be a fog that is covering up the radiantly light that is hiding behind it.

     You have done your homework.  You studied what the diagnosis is, what the recommended treatments are.  The specialists to go see.  You know the revolutionary breakthroughs happening in the world of autism.  Yet, there just seems to be one piece of the puzzle missing.

     No matter what anyone tells you, you are going to read everything, go everywhere, and try anything to help your child not only find that piece but to connect the puzzle.

     If you want to explore a revolutionary approach to helping your child, I urge you to keep reading.  The rest of this page is designed for you! 

We want to help remove the fog so your child's greatness shines consistently. 

We want the world to experience all that your child has to offer!

Chiropractic care does not treat neuro-developmental challenges, but many children have improved under chiropractic care.

The Perfect Storm

Stress (3T's), most notably prenantal depletion and birth truama, result in a nervous system that is stuck on stress. Toxic stress can have damaging effects on development, learning, behavior, and health.   

Before we start, let's play a game!

Assuming Aces are worth 11, quickly double the value of each card below and add them up.

What did you come up with?

The answer is 50!

But that is not the point of the test.  Did you notice that the 4 of hearts is black, instead of red?  Even if you are not an avid card player, you probably knew that the hearts should be red, but because you were doing the math problem, you didn't notice what was staring right at you.  It is easy to miss something you are not looking for! 

(Did you notice the dice)

The Perfect Storm

     The perfect storm occurs when the amount of stress is greater than the body's ability to handle it.  When we hear the word stress, we typically think of money, or work, or relationships.  We don't think of fertility, or chemicals, or birth trauma.  But that's the first place we look for our kids, especially those with neurodevelopmental disorders!


This is the "black heart" or the missing pip on the dice.  It is easy to miss these if we are not looking for them!  Pediatric trained, neurologically-based chiropractors are specifically trained to prevent, detect, and correct this stress!

Stressful Pregnancy

In-Utero Constraint

Birth Interventions

Birth Truma

Slips and Falls

Learning to Walk


Busy Lifestyle

Stressful job

Fear and anxiety

Tense relationships

Money Challenges

Difficulty conceiving

Diagnoses and labels





IVF treatment

Cleaning Supplies

Environmental toxins

Diet and Supplementation

When the amount of stress your child is under exceeds the body's internal resistance, the body enters protection physiology.  The most indicative sign of this stress is a subluxation. 

Vertebral Subluxation

     A vertebral subluxation is when the spine is misaligned and fixated putting the nervous system in fight or flight mode.  They occur when stress supersedes the body's ability to handle it.  A vertebral subluxation keeps the body stuck on stress.


      Since there is an intimate relationship with the nervous system and the spine, vertebral subluxations have a profound impact on brain development.

     By correcting vertebral subluxations through specific chiropractic adjustments, we help your child's nervous system communicate better, restoring the innate connection between the body and brain, enhancing their ability to create the life of their dreams!   

5 D's of Subluxation

Dyskinesia: abnormal motion and alignment of the spine


 Dysafferentation: aberrant input into the brain; bad input equals bad output

Dysautonomia: dysfunction of the nerves that control automatic functions like digestion and immunity.

Dysponesis: a reversible physiological state of misdirecting energy in response to the environment

Disconnected: Poor connection and communication internally leads to the same externally

At Slainte Chiropractic, we pride ourselves on using objective tests to determine how the nervous system is functioning.  These tests tell us how deep the stress has gone, so we know how to best tailor a plan of care for your child!



The first test we will use looks at the temperature along each side of the spine. The body's temperature controls are affected by pressure and tension in the spinal nerves. Researchers have found that changes in temperature along the spine are directly related to how well organs work! Measuring the subtle changes temperature control allows us to have an inside view of how body systems are responding to stress.

Blood vessels on either side of the spine are measured using thermographic (Temperature) scanning. These blood vessels are under the same control of specific nerves that regulate organs and glands.  If spinal nerve interference is present, the blood vessels will constrict(cool) or dilate(warm). Studies indicate that temperature imbalance is related to poor nerve control and poor regulation of the organs and glands. 

This technology allows us to determine how each specific nerve root is being controlled by the brain.  If the body is unable to maintain equal temperature from side to side, it is also unable to regulate the amount of energy going to each organ.

Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to consistently break down these unhealthy thermal patterns and normalize the nerve controls to the organs and glands. Consistent care and scanning confirm the impact that chiropractic care has on organ metabolism.


The next test uses two sensors that lightly touch the skin along the back and neck so that the tiny nerve signals making your muscles work can be assessed.  EMG sensors measure the electrical nerve signals in muscles as they contract. The colors and scores tell us how energized or exhausted the entire spinal muscle and nerve system are when performing the simple task of sitting.

There is a computer model which knows exactly how much energy the muscles along the spine should "spend" to maintain proper posture and alignment. if these signals are too strong or even too weak, the computerized program will detect and score the results. Muscles that are constantly overworked tire more easily and are part of the picture in a patient's overall sense of fatigue and exhaustion.

Chiropractic care is renowned for unlocking unhealthy spine and nerve habits that affect the function of the muscles and joints of the spine. The EMG scans also show that a properly adjusted and well-aligned spinal core wastes much less energy. 

Chiropractic Adjustments

The job of the nervous system is to perceive the environment and coordinate the behavior of all of the cells. Chiropractic adjustments, correct subluxations, which optimize the function of the nervous system. When the nervous system functions optimally, learning, behavior and health is optimized.


Step 1

What is your child's story?

*Typically done via phone consult, for the ease of the family*

Step 2

Neurological Testing

Step 3

How we can guide you.

Step 4

Execute and let your child's greatness shine!

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