Chiropractic care does not treat fertility challenges, but many couples have conceived under chiropractic care.



     Most therapies promise pregnancy as the goal, but we believe that’s the wrong approach.


     Our goal is to increase and improve your health, so not only do you have a healthier pregnancy, you also get a healthier baby!

Our Goal

     Our goal is to teach 8 habits  of health to parents prior to conception, so the habits not only stick to create better health in mom and dad, but the health of the baby is significantly improved as well!


     Imagine if you could slow or even stop potential health issues in your children by taking care of yourself first. That’s our focus, passion, and drive: Empowering healthy families from fertility forward.


There are two different parts of the nervous system. One is for defense and protection. The other is for growth and development. When stressed, the nervous system goes into defense and protection mode.


When it is in this state, the body is just focused on survival. The body uses all of its energy on the muscles, so fight or flight is enhanced.


This negatively affects digestion, focus, and reproduction

How can it negatively affect all of those things? Well, when the body is under stress it resorts only to vital functions. This means the ability to flee danger, and survive hardship. So our digestion takes a back seat, the only focus we have is on our stressors, and the body will not allow reproduction in what it believes to be a dangerous life. 

It is essential to decrease the stress on your nervous system to enjoy life, sleep, and most importantly live  to your fullest potential.

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