The Perfect Storm

Helping kids with developmental challenges gives me more joy than any other case that comes into our office. In every one of the kids that we get to help, I see my cousin Jayden.

At the end of my first trimester of chiropractic school, my mom called me to tell me that Jayden was getting tested to see if he had autism.

I was very familiar with the diagnosis because my mom works as a paraprofessional helping kids with many different diagnoses, the most common being autism.

For the first time, that word hit me differently. Previously I was friends of kids with autism. I knew of kids that my mom helped with autism. But this time, it hit a little harder, someone in my family that I have a strong bond with was diagnosed with autism.

After my finals ended, I decided to drive back home to New York (from St. Louis, Missouri). On my 17-hour car drive, the one question that kept registering in my head was, "why?"

Why did this happen to Jayden?

Why does a child get autism?

Why am I at chiropractic school?

One of the major principles that I live life by is that nothing happens on accident. If everything happens for a reason, I needed to find out what the reason was for Jayden to be diagnosed with autism while I was in chiropractic school.

I kept thinking of Jayden and the special bond that we have always had. From birth, everyone said that we were the same.

His middle name is Vincent after me.

He acted like me.

He looked like me.

We had a special connection.

I believe the bond we had was orchestrated by fate for this exact moment.

Autism hit me differently now, because of our bond. The bond gave me the drive to go to the ends of the earth to find everything I could about childhood development and what I could do to help!

Could Chiropractic help him?

Chiropractic opened my mind to a different philosophy on life. Previously I had thought that life change happened because of luck or chance, especially when it came to health. I only knew the idea that sickness and disease were a result of bad genes or nasty germs.

The tape that kept playing in my head while I was in school was how can I help Jayden.

Thankfully because of my quest to help him, I had a different perspective on his diagnosis. I knew that there wasn't anything inherently wrong with Jayden, and I was learning there were things that we could do to get him healthier. Those things would become the key to my passion, serving that population in my office.

Follow us with the next blog post where I cover what I learned and how I apply it to what the Perfect Storm kiddos are going through.

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