Chiropractors going to jail?!

With the 123rd birthday of chiropractic upon us, we at Sláinte Chiropractic believe that it is crucial for us to honor the men and women that came before us. Who protected and promulgated our right to practice chiropractic today.

The reason we are able to provide principled chiropractic care for our practice members is because of many individuals who sacrificed their time and livelihood in order to protect a principle, no matter the consequence.

To the chiropractor, the principle knows that health is normal expression of intelligent life force in all parts of the body.

So it is the job of the chiropractor to remove the interference, to allow the life force within the body to restore health to man.

This is the principle that so many chiropractors before us went to jail for. It was this principle that cost some chiropractors their life. This principle is the reason we do what we do, because without this principle humanity suffers.

The first chiropractor that we are going to honor is Herbert Ross Reaver, D.C.

Dr. Reaver was an unabashed criminal. As soon as he finished one jail sentence, he would go back home and break the law again.

His crime was being a principled chiropractor

Reaver was a target of the Ohio State Medical Board because he refused to be licensed as a limited medical practitioner.

Reaver was arrested eight times and each time he would pay the fine and go back to work to break the law again. The ninth time he was arrested he refused to pay the fine because he didn't want to admit guilt. After his nine days in jail, 40 of reavers patients greeted him as he returned home.

The next time he was jailed, patients protested his 160 day sentence. During that time, patients visited him for advice while he adjusted fellow prisoners.

During one of his jail terms, Reaver’s patients followed him along his garbage truck route to support their chiropractor.

Reaver stood for a principle. He sacrificed his safety and security to preserve the right to practice chiropractic.

Thank you Dr. Reaver for standing up to others so that we may practice chiropractic today.

What principle are you willing to go to jail for?

Stay tuned this week for more amazing chiropractors that said no to persecution and yes to caring for their patients.

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