Just how important are the first 90 days of a baby's life?

In the first 100 days after birth, a newborn baby is creating their model of the world. A baby’s brain will create this model based on how his needs are being met. As the needs of the baby are being met, their brain understands that the world is ok, and they are being well taken care of and loved. Therefore, the environment controls the development of their brain.

This is similar to using a calculator. When you put the right information in, you will get the right answer. The same is true of the brain. When the right information is put into the calculator (the brain), the body will function as it was best designed to do so (correct answer. This is why the birthing process is so important for a baby’s development.

A baby’s brain grows at 1 percent every day after birth and has a 64% increase by 90 days.

A baby experiences nine months of a dark, warm, comfortable environment with soothing music. Then their space becomes too small, the walls come in and eventually push them out. And the first experience outside of the womb is a bright environment with loud sounds and random people poking, prodding and doing all of these tests while they are separated from their source of life.

You only get one chance to make a first impression.

A baby’s brain grows at 1 percent every day after birth and has a 64% increase by 90 days. The movement, learning and mood center of the brain grows most rapidly. This part of the brain is most influenced by the spine, so it is crucial that a baby is checked shortly after birth for subluxations.

In a study of 100 HEALTHY babies, 91% were shown to have subluxations of their neck, and 94% had subluxations of their lower back. This means that their brain is growing and developing with interference, even though they are considered healthy. The researchers said that the early days and months of an infant's life are the most dynamic for the brain development, so this is the most crucial time to have a baby checked for subluxations.

These subluxations cause the brain and body become disconnected from one another. This causes the body to flood the brain with stress signals making it harder to focus, concentrate, learn, grow, and develop.

In our office, we utilize technology that can assess how your baby’s nervous system is functioning. With this information, your child’s history and exam we will create a specific plan to reduce and correct their subluxations, allowing them to develop and grow into God’s potential for their lives.

If you live in the Jacksonville Beach area and want to see how your baby's nervous system is functioning, you can call us at (904) 718-6330. If you are out of state, you can give us a call and we can find you and your family a chiropractor in your area.

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