"My due date can be off by 6 weeks?!?"

When a doctor gives you a due date, it is a MAJOR guess.

The doctor has to guess on both ends of the pregnancy.

The doctor has to guess on the conception date. In order to do so the doctor guesses the time of conception by utilizing the date of the last menstrual period. This day can be wrong by up to 2 weeks.

Then the doctor has to guess on how long the baby will be in mom preparing and developing for this world. To do this they ask themselves how long does the average pregnancy last? It typically lasts between 38 and 42 weeks. Then the doctor takes the average of those two time frames and adds it to the previous date and, voilà, your due date is determined.

The problem is that this date can be wrong by up to 6 WEEKS!!!

Your childbirth is not based on the average. Childbirth is based on the development of your baby and is specific to you and your baby. In order for a baby to be born, there is something called a fetal placental rhythm with the hormone CRH. As the baby is developing this rhythm increases. As mom produces more, baby produces more. As this rhythm increases the baby’s nervous system is more developed, and childbirth is nearing.

This rhythm is different for every pregnancy and birth. It is based on the amount of stressors that are faced by mom and baby during the pregnancy, the diet of mom and baby during pregnancy, the rate of development of the baby, amongst a whole host of other things.

This is why your “due date” is at best an educated guess.

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