Fertility Yoga: Why it works

Fertility yoga utilizes certain position and meditations which are designed to support ovulation, conception and fertility. Some of these positions are designed to increase blood flow to the reproductive organs, reduce stress, and balance hormones.

According to Consumer Health Digest there are 5 reasons that fertility yoga may be effective.

  1. Reduce stress. Stress alters the body hormones and it changes the way the body functions. A stressful environment forces the body to adapt its function from optimization to survival. This includes decreasing energy to the digestive tract, reproductive organs and brain. At the same time energy increases to the muscles, heart, and lungs. Fat storage, blood pressure, blood sugar all increase, while immune function decreases. This is not an optimal environment for reproduction, so the body may intelligently make it more difficult to conceive in this environment.

  2. Increase self-respect. It is crucial that you realize that you are powerful, and that you were born with everything you ever need. There is an innate intelligence inside of you that guided your development form 2 cells to 30 trillion cells in 10 months. That same power is inside of you today. It guides your health and function. If that life force is flowing freely, you are able to function as you were designed.

  3. Reverse negative emotions. Thoughts are a crucial part of our wellbeing. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Our thoughts affect our mind because our minds cannot tell the difference between what we think about and what is really happening. Our thoughts shape our future and our physiology. It is essential to have healthy, happy thoughts in order to reduce stress and normalize hormones.

  4. Promote healthy body and wellness within. This is absolutely essential when trying to conceive. There is a life force (innate intelligence) that runs our entire bodies. As stated previously this is the same force that develops us from 2 cells to over 30 trillion within 10 months and guides all of our functions and development for the rest of our lives. This intelligence travels over our nervous system and connects our brain to every cell, tissue, and organ in our bodies. If this force is able to flow freely, our bodies are in a state of ease, functioning and replicating healthy rather than sick cells. Complete disruption of this system results in death. Slight interference to this system creates a significant amount of stress on the body. Go back to 1. Reduce stress to see the effects of increased stress.

  5. Creates a community and support system. All humans are designed for connection. Groups enable us to have support, connection, and guidance. It is essential to have a strong team in order to enhance your ability to thrive. You are the average of the five people you hang out most with. By yourself you can go faster but, together you can go further.

These benefits are crucial to sustaining life and for optimizing the function of your body, whatever that means for you. It could mean being able to conceive a child, run around with your children, be more productive at work, or even just having a fuller life experience.

To learn more about having a healthy pregnancy and delivery, we will be hosting our second Delivered: A Healthy Pregnancy & Birth Workshop on August 24th at 7 PM at Sláinte Chiropractic. Please go to delievredjaxbeach.eventbrite.com to register. The cost is $5 to cover food cost.

Please share this blog with one person who can benefit from this information. Always remember that “You never know how far reaching something you think, say, or do can affect the lives of millions tomorrow”

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