What kind of world am I coming into mommy?

What we plant in the soil, we will harvest in the future. The beginnings contain the projects ultimate success...or its downfall.

Circumstances surrounding conception, pregnancy, labor, birth, and the post partum period have a profound influence on lifelong emotional health and well being.

Science has routinely showed us that parenting does not begin once a child is born. The thoughts and actions of the parents (even prior to conception!!!) is significant in the future physical, social, and mental well being of their child.

Chronic stress from both internal and external stress during a pregnancy gets translated from the mother to the child through stress hormones which profoundly affect the development of the child. This leads to a baby that is quick to react, has reduced impulse control and a dampened capacity to feel calm and relaxed.

On the other hand, chronic joy allows for optimal development of each organ, especially the brain. this predisposes the baby to greater health, serenity and intelligence. The time before, during and after birth have a profound effect on the development of a fetus because they are growing so rapidly. It is during this time that their future development is affected profoundly.

As the world becomes more stressful in all facets of life, it is important for babies to grow up in a world in which is perceived as peaceful and relaxed in order to have a future generation of children that are healthy, happy, and intelligent.

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Please share this with anyone who you think may benefit because always remeber "You never know how far reaching something you think, say, or do will affect the lives of millions tomorrow."

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