Is it the seed or the soil?

If we see one tree in the forest that is not healthy, we would not believe that it is the environment that caused the tree to be sick.

We would try to figure out what that tree is deficient in or has excess of that is causing it not to be healthy. The same is true of us as humans.

For thousands of years humans have thrived without many of the diseases that we see today. Our approach to health has led us to rely more on outside interventions rather than the innate wisdom of the body. We view symptoms as a sickness, rather than a sign that our body is deficient in or has an excess of something.

If a plant has symptoms it can be deficient in sun, water, carbon dioxide, or there may be deficiencies in the soil.If we have symptoms, we take drugs to hide the symptoms but that doesn’t correct the cause of the problem.

Since your brain and spinal cord control and coordinate all functions of the body, interference to that system (subluxations) can cause so many symptoms. For anything to occur in the body messages have to be sent from the brain, down the spinal cord, and out to the cells, tissues, and organs. Subluxations cause miscommunication between the brain and the body.

These subluxations negatively alter the internal state of the body. It diminishes our immune systems, brain function, and ability to perform every task in our lives.

It is the job of a chiropractor to detect interference to the brain and spinal cord to allow proper communication between the brain and the body, regardless of symptoms. Interference to your nervous system may or may not cause symptoms.

Over time, however, a body with subluxations builds sickness rather than disease. Since we are constantly creating new cells, if the cells are not given proper signals, they cannot build healthy cells.

This is why a nervous system without interference is crucial to be able to live a fulfilled life. Health is our greatest asset and without it, we are unable to live life to its fullest potential. Subluxations diminish our life experience.

If you believe that there is a little more to experience in life (…and there always is a little more) call us today at (904) 718-6330 to schedule your first appointment and to start your journey of empowerment.

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