Hump Day Got You Down? ... See Your Chiropractor

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With the advent and the mass use of the cell phone, people are placing more stress on the necks than ever before. There have been studies which demonstrated degeneration on x-rays in the necks of children as young as 10 years old.

With this new technology, we constantly have our heads down and we are disconnected from the community, the world, and reality. Studies show that kids use their cell phone for up to 9 hours a day, longer than most of them sleep.

Let’s experiment

Assume the position in which most people use their cell phone, or most likely stay in the same position you are in. Notice that you feel stress on the lower part of your neck.

Looking down can increase the effective weight of your head by 60 pounds.

[For fun, remain in that position and try and take a deep breath. Now sit or stand up with your shoulders back and take a deep breath. Which is more effective? …there will be a blog on this later]

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Back to your neck. When you keep your head down for nine hours that places a tremendous amount of stress on your spine, specifically the lower part of your neck. This is where the nerves come out that go to vital organs such as your thyroid and heart, as well as your arms and hands!

When there is interference to the nerves in the lower part of your neck you can be experiencing symptoms such as:

  • neck or upper back pain

  • fatigue

  • numbness or tingling in the arm and hand

  • cold hands and cold feet

  • weight difficulty

  • high blood pressure

  • headaches

  • and more

Any of these can be a sign that there is interference to the nerves in the lower part of your neck, but you don't have to have SYMPTOMS to have SUBLUXATIONS!!! Once symptoms occur, there has been significant damage already done.

Make sure to get you and your family checked today, before they start to develop problems or symptoms. Call (904)718-6330, to schedule your appointment today!

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