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Chiropractic care does not treat headaches, but many people have experienced relief under chiropractic care.


I personally have suffered from horrible migraines my entire childhood. Anytime I would go outside or eat certain foods, I would start seeing floaters. At that point, I knew if I didn’t take medicine, my day would be ruined.

So, I had the largest bottle of aspirin possible and I took them frequently. My headaches got so bad I went to the eye doctor because I was afraid something was really wrong. I received no answers. So, I just continued living my life.

Then I moved to Missouri and starting chiropractic school, where I began getting regular chiropractic care.

After months of school, I noticed that I had not taken one aspirin. I had not had one headache. My life was restored.


There are a number of different presentations of headaches classifications for them.  Most times a cervical spine subluxation contributes to the symptoms of a headache.


Even though most people have experienced a headache, they are definitely not normal. 

The nervous system controls and coordinates the nerves and the blood flow to the brain. Dysfunction of the nervous system may be the cause of your headaches.


The technology we utilize in our office allows us to assess the amount of stress and irritation that is present in your nervous system.  T​​he scans allow us to see if we can help you, and if so how much care will be needed.