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Digestive Disorders

“I can no longer go outside without being terrified that I will embarrass myself. I always have to know exactly where the bathroom is because once it comes I need to go, or my night is ruined.”


Chiropractic does not treat digestive disorders, but many people have seen good results under chiropractic care.


The digestive system is very complex, and has many working parts. All of these need to work in a coordinated order to work properly. This is controlled by the nervous system.


The stomach is involved in breaking food down. When it is unable to do so properly, we see problems such as GERD and ulcers.


If the stomach can break down the food, the intestines job is to absorb nutrients and eliminate the waste. If the intestines aren’t functioning properly we see problems such as colic, irritable bowel syndrome, or Crohn’s disease.

Many times, these organs are not the problem. The problem is in the coordination of the process.


There are two different parts of the nervous system. One is for defense and protection. The other is for growth and development. When stressed, the nervous system goes into defense and protection.


This does not allow for proper function of the stomach or intestines which may be the cause of your child’s or your digestion difficulties.


Call us today at (904) 718-6330 to set up an appointment to utilize our state of the art technology to assess your nervous system, and to determine if yours or your child’s is a chiropractic case.