Chiropractic care does not treat autism, but many parents have seen their children flourish under chiropractic care.


The brain and nervous system have a gas pedal and a brake pedal. With a subluxation your child's brain is stepping on the gas pedal but the brake pedal isn't working.  Because of this they are very active and energetic, as children should be. But they have trouble sitting down and learning.

Autism spectrum disorders are brain-based developmental disabilities that affect a child’s ability to communicate, understand language, play, and relate to others.

Common symptoms of children with autism spectrum disorder are:

  • lack of eye contact

  • abnormal or repetitive movements 

  • learning disability

  • delayed speech

  • sensitivity to light and sound


Your child's spine is directly related to their brain and nervous system. The health of their spine is a large determinant of how their brain is functioning, specifically the balance between the gas pedal and brake pedal.

A study in the Journal of Autism Development disorder found that there were abormalities in the nervous system reflected by alterations in heart rate and pupil constriction in children with autism compared to children with typical development.

Disorganization of the prefrontal cortex was found in  majority of children with autism by The New England Journal of Medicine.  Function of the prefrontal cortex is improved by chiropractic adjustments by up to 20%.


The technology we utilize in our office allows us to assess the amount of stress and irritation that is present in your child's nervous system.  T​​he scans allow us to see if we can help you, and if so how much care will be needed.

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